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Björn Timmer

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Bjorn started at Quality in July 2020 as a Network Consultant. He has a goal to grow as an Architect, but these goals were not achieved with his previous employers, he also no longer wanted to write flat hours but really add value to the customer. In 2018 Bjorn already had contact with Quality and in 2020 he came into contact again. “I liked this so much, especially the idea of a company that is not too big, a personal approach, but also the unique way of working, where the customer is central, that’s what was decisive.”

“Within Quality I get the opportunity to grow into an architect, which is an important personal development for me.”

“Not too big a company, but everyone knows each other and a homely atmosphere. The working method, not a pure hourly declaration, but project-based helping customers with their problems and challenges, from problem definition to implementation. This is Quality’s unique working method.” 

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