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Alex Pechtold

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Alex is one of the first employees to start at Quality. Although he takes a 2-year trip to another employer, he still returned to Quality as a Network Consultant. Why? “I find a connection here; it is a fairly young company, which is in line with my own age generation.” (Alex is 26 years old). This means that Alex can easily talk to colleagues about the cool things he has done. “We just have a lot of shared interests here.” 

“We don’t just want to put a box somewhere or push people in.”

But for Alex it’s not just about the connection. As far as he is concerned, Quality stands for quality. The company is vendor independent and wants to teach customers and other stakeholders something and give advice. He also appreciates the enormous growth opportunities and variety in the work at Quality. “A lot of people stop at the older companies. There you often do fairly the same work and you have a lot of certainty. That is very different at Quality: here I have different customers and challenging assignments at sometimes difficult locations, such as an international airport or large shopping center.” The fact that Alex can also manage two network colleagues makes it extra fun: “This way I can really help people further.”

Alex about the HMSHost project

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