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Dylan van Oudheusden

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Dylan van Oudheusden is now one of the veterans at Quality. In 2014 he became acquainted with the organization through holiday work and later also an internship. After graduating, Dylan started working and has developed into a Network Consultant over the years. In 7 years he has worked for many diverse clients and projects, such as: Stedin, The Municipality of Rotterdam, The Municipality of Groningen and the Curaçao-based company Aqualectra. “The short lines and efficient processes ensure continuous optimization.”

“Quality is all about people. There is trust and the involvement is high.”

His favorite project? “The project that has stayed with me the most is that of Stedin. The work for this client was very diverse. From validating the design and configurations based on test plans to actually migrating the production network”. It also helps that Quality as an employer is involved. “Together with trust, great involvement creates freedom. For example, working from home has always been an option and there is open communication about the work-life balance.” And how does Dylan see the future? “My interest lies mainly in routing & switching and particularly in a service provider network. I want to continue to develop in that regard.

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