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William Koopman

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William will started at Quality in November 2019 as a Network Engineer. It takes the necessary conversations and Quality time drinks to make William decide to leave his old employer behind. Although: “in retrospect, I didn’t have to think about it that long, this is simply the best workplace for me.” Like many recruiters from other IT companies, Quality IT people approach where they see talent. William also receives messages via LinkedIn. The invitation to come and talk, however, comes during his vacation. Upon his return, William decides to start the conversation: his growth opportunities are fully used up with his old employer.

“You are the director of your own training plan here.”

“Everything here felt free and casual.” It sounds good, it feels good. And those Quality customers, they also beckon. Large companies with the best equipment and a large budget. Therein lies challenge and quality. William would like to say to potential colleagues: “Just come and experience. Dare to start a conversation, then you’ll feel quickly enough that it’s all right here.”

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