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Divers projects at Aqualectra - Curaçao

Aqualectra low quality.jpg25 May In late 2019, Quality initiated a program at Aqualectra, the energy and water company in Curaçao, for a new Security Architecture concerning the firewall environment and the design of a transport ... full story

What should you watch out for when deploying VRRP and QinQ tunnels?

wat-doen-wij-diensten-consultancy-3-quality.jpg28 Mar This blog explains a scenario in which the design of VRRP, in combination with QinQ, plays a critical role.  VRRP is a technology that enables the creation of a highly available layer 3 (IP) ... full story


Welkom123 - blog (5638 x 3759 px).jpg20 Oct Everyone knows that having a strong password is important, yet in practice, weak passwords are often used because they are easy to remember. In many cases, the same password is also used for ... full story

Driven by customer wishes instead of technology

PBF_HighRes-Quality-13.jpg06 Oct Last year Björn Timmer made the switch to Quality and made the step from Network Consultant to Solution Architect. Björn himself talks about the what and why of these career choices. “I have been ... full story

Contribute to a company’s purpose

Quality_Blog1Foto2.jpg16 Sep Solution Architect René Hoogvliet graduated in Chemical Engineering in the late 1990s but ended up in the IT world almost immediately. A world that continues to fascinate him. “When I graduated, ... full story

New website online!

website-online-nieuws-quality.jpg14 Aug Our new website is online and we are super proud of it. full story

Quality and HMSHost International: worldwide collaboration

PBF_HighRes_Quality-44.jpg26 Jul Quality works with a team of specialists: architects, consultants and engineers, who can translate daily and worldwide business needs into long-term organizational and technical solutions. One of ... full story

Webinar Working under Architecture

werken-onder-architectuur-blog-quality.jpg02 Jul Sharing knowledge is of paramount importance at Quality. For this reason, many informative webinars and courses are organized by and for the team. We believe that one person's knowledge of a ... full story
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