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Independent advice

Do you want a suitable and affordable solution for a complex issue? Or do you need independent advice about your current ICT infrastructure? Our consultants are ready for you!

Developing suitable solutions for you is their passion. Our consultants have a helicopter view and are happy to help you make the right choices. Thanks to years of experience in business services, they know better than anyone what is going on, what to pay attention to, what to do and what not to do and how to convert your requirements into workable applications. They use your architectural blueprint or other reference material as a basis.

It is our persuasion, that this is the only way a correct translation can be made from the established (business) requirements into functional solutions. Our consultants will take you on board, give you independent advice and, where necessary, engage with your most important stakeholders to shape the desired solutions. 


As soon as our consultant has all the information, he or she will start putting together a functional design. In this functional design, our consultant translates your requirements into a suitable solution. This design is the basis for the technical design that is subsequently made. Quality can also assist you with this. Our consultants can also draw up the technical designs and migration plans, so that the functional design is translated into the correct technical details and layout.

Our engineers can implement the technical designs and migration plans for you or assist and advise your management team. We carry this out based on the principles of project-based working, about which our consultants can also inform and guide you where necessary.

In addition to advice and support for new solutions that meet your business needs, our consultants can also analyze your current ICT infrastructure, test it and draw up improvement plans. They are also specialized in the use of various cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 and infrastructures such as Azure and AWS and in Cyber Security issues in general.

Quality ensures that consultants continuously have the relevant certifications so that you are assured of the right knowledge, advice and solutions. You have come to the right place for independent advice, analysis, assessment, project-based work, design and implementation of solutions regarding your office location, home workplace, internet and WAN connections, data centers and cloud solutions!

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