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Joulz / Stedin

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Quality guides Joulz and Stedin from start to finish in the realization of a brand-new fiber optic network and safe and fast data traffic. An infrastructure such as a fiber optic network consists of a complex composition of parts. These must be combined in the correct way for networking, data storage and security. All that data and information can no longer be approached as separate parts; the interdependence is much too great for that. That is why Quality has designed and tested the architecture in its entirety in this case. 


Vision & Strategy

To give shape to the complex issue of Stedin, Business Architect Amadou Louh first goes back to basic together with the company. Why do the network components have to be replaced, what is the desired result and what is the consequence, in the short and long term? What is the real customer need? In order to be able to answer these and other important questions as effectively as possible, a clear vision and strategy are needed. Amadou mapped them together with Stedin.



After Stedin's approval of the vision and strategy, it is time to realize the architectural blueprint in collaboration with Solution Architect Martijn Vuik and a Business Architect within the Design Office: the translation of the vision and strategy into the architectural requirements. Also part of the blueprint are the purpose, function and cost effectiveness of the proposed solution.


Functional design

In this phase of the project, the Network Architect, also Martijn Vuik in this project, makes the translation from the architectural blueprint to the functional designs (High Level Designs) per sub-area. In a High Level Design (HLD) all architecture requirements and functions from the architecture blueprint are linked to specific measures


"I find working at Stedin extremely interesting because of the energy transition and the role that the OT network plays in it. As a result, when writing LLDs and performing migrations, I encounter different techniques than you normally see in an IT environment."

Roy Levens worked as a Network Consultant/Engineer for the Stedin project

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Technical Design

With the extensively tested functional designs (HLDs) and the other document pieces from the Design Office, it is up to Network Consultants Dylan van Oudheusden and Herman Janson to consult the technical designs in the Stedin project, also known as the Low Level Designs. (LLDs).



The Network Consultants who wrote the technical designs (LLDs) worked closely with Network Engineer Roy Levens in this phase. For example, Roy is guided and supervised by Dylan in collecting all the necessary information for the Change Implementation Plans (CIPs), written by Herman.



Both during and after executing this complex assignment, where the entire network is equipped with fiber optic cables and where a legacy of multiple systems is transformed to a single IP/MPLS platform, care must be taken that both the existing and new network are closely managed and continues to function optimally.

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