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Critical Infrastructure


The world of Operational Technology is in full swing due to the evolution of OT networks and the Industrial Internet Of Things. 

Quality has extensive experience in the field of (telecom) networks in the industrial world, the integration of OT and IT networks and the adoption of smart Internet of Things components. Consultancy we offer includes:

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Requirements Management

In consultation with you, our consultants ensure that all requirements are recorded that are directly or indirectly related to your OT, IT network and its security. They do this by working on a project basis, in which different phases are distinguished. 

During the requirements management phase (in project terms “the definition phase”) all stakeholders will be identified and questioned. In this way you can be sure that the project is supported by key players and that it produces a fixed set of requirements. 

Design and implementation

Based on your requirements and vision, our consultants design the most suitable OT network for your services and business operations. 

This includes:

  • Functional and technical design for your OT environment
  • Integration designs for secure OT / IT integration
  • Integration designs for consolidated services (for example, consider the network integration of non-IP and IP services)
  • Migration designs to achieve the target situation in a phased and controlled manner
  • Management designs based on, for example, FCAPS

With the aforementioned designs, our engineers can support you in implementing and setting up your future-proof and secure OT network.

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Cloud developments and IoT

Due to the enormous increase and evolution of Industrial Internet Of Things and the data generated by this, cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Our cloud consultants can provide you with excellent information about which cloud technologies and developments best suit your business operations and which can be of added value to you. Think of the possibilities of IoT hubs, storage for big data and the application of smart algorithms (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) where you:

  • Get optimal insight into your data
  • Can derive added value from this data based on predictions and forecasts

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