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Getting in control, IT Business alignment, Connecting the IT strategy to the i-vision, working under architecture….. These are just a few examples we more often hear from our customers these days. It is our experience that organizations have little insight into their ICT landscape, certainly in connection with set organizational goals where a good overview and manageability of the ICT landscape are absolute preconditions. We can help you with this by setting up the so-called “working under architecture”. But what is that?

In short, we help you seamlessly connect your IT organization to your business needs. Our architects see issues in the field of architecture first as a project with objectives, whereby they distinguish the following related core domains and can consult and support you in this:

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Enterprise Architecture (strategic level)

Enterprise architecture is the blueprint that describes and interprets the structure, governance and functioning of your organization in all its facets. Enterprise Architecture aims to determine how your organization can most efficiently achieve its current and future objectives, whereby these objectives are translated into the structure of the organization, processes and information provision. Enterprise Architecture describes the most important choices that must be made and describes them in the form of (architecture) principles, guidelines and models. 

Business Architecture (company- and process level)

Business Architecture identifies your information needs and business processes to help you achieve your business goals. This involves looking beyond just the ICT aspects of architecture. There is also an eye for “the person” behind the process. Business Architecture takes a close look at all your business aspects and examines how information technology can be best deployed within your organization. In other words: how does your organization function optimally?

Information Architecture (information level)

Information Architecture describes the substantive relationships and coherence between applications and data. In other words, what information is needed to support your organization, how and where is this information structured and stored and how is information made accessible and shared within and outside your organization. 

Technical Architecture (technical level)

Technical Architecture describes and indicates which technical resources are required to make the information provision work as described in the Information Architecture. This includes infrastructural components such as network, telephony, platforms, mobility components, et cetera. 

In addition to the “classic layout” mentioned above, we are also happy to help you with the following architecture domains that play an increasingly important role within organizations.

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Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture deserves a separate status in our opinion. Organizations we help have often formulated a “cloud, unless..”, “cloud first” strategy, but usually do not have the expertise to optimally use “the cloud” to realize their business objectives. The cloud also combines various architectural disciplines (Enterprise, Business, Information, Technology, Security), making the subject matter complex and quick to lose the overview. Our architects have a lot of experience with cloud issues and are therefore happy to help you successfully apply the adaption of the cloud within your organization.

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Security Architecture 

Security Architecture is a set of guidelines that give substance to the information security policy of your organization. Security Architecture covers all the architecture domains described and thus goes beyond just technical measures. Organizational, administrative and process measures also belong to the set of guidelines in the area of information security. Our architects are happy to assist you with the design and implementation of your Security Architecture, taking the laws and regulations that apply to you into account.

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Working under architecture

Our lead architects are happy to help you further with the design and implementation of your architectural domains by applying the concept of “working under architecture” to your organization. In close consultation with you, our lead architects take care of the composition and layout of an Architecture Board and/or Design Office. 

Various domain architects participate in the hearings, whereby your business and ICT strategy are monitored under leadership of the lead architect and the cohesion between the beforementioned architecture domains is safeguarded. 

They do this, among other things, by drawing up roadmaps, compiling blueprints in the area of the beforementioned architecture domains, testing technical designs (made by the solution architects) against the architecture blueprints and compiling or assessing PSAs (Project Start Architecture).

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Tender processes

Based on your Enterprise, Business, Information, Technical and Security Architecture, our architects are also happy to help you with tender processes for products and services in the beforementioned architectural domains. 

Based on architecture, our architects can filter and determine the right requirements based on which the request is made in the market. Our architects can also assist you in assessing responses from the market or assist you during dialogue phases with potential contractors. 

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