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Cloud, unless…. strategy, mobility first strategy, cloud adaption, cloud first strategy, cloud outsourcing strategy….

We hear these terms more and more often from our customers and it is understandable. The world is changing rapidly, and innovation plays an important role in this. The rise of the cloud services, big data and artificial intelligence can no longer be ignored and offers new opportunities and possibilities for your organization. 

Our cloud consultants are happy to help you with your cloud adaption. If necessary, we can also handle your cloud issue from an architecture perspective. For more information, see Architecture. Consultancy we offer you include:

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Requirements Management

In consultation with you, our consultants ensure that all requirements directly or indirectly related to you cloud issues are recorded. They do this by working on a project basis, in which different phases are distinguished. 

During the requirements management phase (in project terms “the definition phase”) all stakeholders will be identified and interviewed. In this way you can be sure that the project is supported by key players and that is produces a fixed set of requirements. 

Choice of cloud service

Our consultants will inform you about the right cloud service for your business needs. In consultation with your specialists, they determine whether a SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS ) (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service best suits your needs and requirements. 

Our consultants also assess whether a service is in line with your i-vision and ICT strategy and under what conditions data may be stored in the cloud.

Feasibility studies

Our consultants are happy to discuss the feasibility of cloud adaption for your organization with you. The cloud consists of several components that must be considered. For example, think of such matters as:

  • Costs (What does cloud adoption cost? What does it actually yield?)
  • Strategy (Is cloud adaption in line with the strategy and i-vision? Does the cloud actually fit into your business model?)
  • Technology (How manageable is the cloud? What new knowledge and skills need to be learned?)

Our consultants are happy to advise you on these matters and can put together a cloud roadmap for you, in which cloud adoption is introduced in phases and in which the preconditions are included that specifically relate to your organization.

Cloud landing zone

Services and applications “from the cloud” need a well-thought-out landing zone. Our consultants design and implement this landing zone for you bases on your needs, requirements and cloud best practices. 

Naturally, they take in account cloud governance, cloud management and all aspects relevant to you in the area of information security.

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Cloud Cost management & Billing

In addition to a technical design of cloud services, Cost Management & Billing of these services are at least as important. Our consultants ensure cost optimization by analyzing and assessing automatically generated recommendations by the cloud services and applying the cloud best practices where appropriate. This ensures a cost-reducing effect, whereby our consultants also manage to strike an excellent balance between cost optimization and the performance of your cloud services.

Cloud migration

The design of cloud services and platforms may be a precondition for cloud adaption, but data and applications must also be accommodated in “the cloud”. You came to the right place for this as well. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know better than anyone how complex this aspect of “the cloud” can be without proper preparation and the right knowledge and expertise. Our consultants will devise and determine a migration path together with you, taking an integral look at business processes to determine the sequence and desirability of migrations with the least possible impact on crucial business processes and users.    

Big data

Big data is no longer a buzz word used only by big tech companies. Big data is increasingly being used within organizations as well, whereby valuable information for business operations is derived from this data via Business Intelligence Tools. This is done by using smart algorithms (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) that provide optimal insight into, for example, production processes and maintenance processes.

Our consultants can inform and assist you in setting up, for example, big data lakes, big data repositories and warehouses, IoT hubs, etc. They look beyond just the platform for this specific purpose. Our consultants look at the cloud options for your business from different angles. Think, for example, of choosing a cloud platform that is best suited for big data but also for your office automation, so that one homogeneous cloud platform is created and no fragmentation over different cloud services. This benefits management costs, cost efficiency and knowledge intensity.  

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